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A Closer Look at Geoflora’s Organic Ingredients

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Here at Geflora, we often highlight the fact that our organic fertilizer harnesses the power of 19 high-quality ingredients to help you grow healthier plants and maximize your harvests. But what exactly ARE those ingredients?

We believe in removing the guesswork from organic growing, so we decided to take a closer look at the natural inputs that make Geoflora VEG and BLOOM so effective in supercharging grows at every scale. If you like to know what you’re feeding your plants, read on to learn about the organic ingredients that deliver nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and beneficial bacteria to your soil.

Nitrogen-Rich Components for Green Growth

Nitrogen is a critical element that plants need to grow and produce chlorophyll, which is responsible for the plant’s green color. Nitrogen helps the plant to grow everything green: new leaves, stalks, stems, and a robust canopy, and is essential in the vegetative phase of growth.

Nitrogen that is immediately available to your plants at amendment, such as blood meal, can burn your plants in large quantities. Geoflora contains diverse sources of slow and fast release nitrogen to ensure plants have the nutrient readily available throughout the growth cycle and to eliminate the risk of burning. Some of the slow-release components include feather meal, crustacean meal, and bat guano. Quick-release sources included in the formula are blood meal, feather meal, bat guano, fish protein hydrolysate, and alfalfa meal

For a fertilizer that is perfect for the vegetative phase, check out Geoflora VEG. With a higher ratio of nitrogen, you can be sure to see robust green growth early on in your plant’s life cycle.

Plenty of Phosphorus for Beautiful Blooms

A vital nutrient for photosynthesis, phosphorus aids in the early growth of young plants, stimulates root development, and increases resistance to common plant diseases. Because it does so much, this element is needed throughout the grow cycle from seed to harvest, although plants tend to uptake more when they’re getting ready to flower. 

While excess phosphorus doesn’t burn plants in the same way that nitrogen does, a buildup of this nutrient can still lead to poor plant growth and eventually plant death. For this reason, it’s important to include fast and slow-release sources of phosphorus in your feeding regimen. Geoflora Nutrients employs multiple sources of phosphorus for a balanced breakdown and distribution of nutrients over time. Slow-release components include bone meal, crustacean meal, and bat guano, while bat guano has some immediately available phosphorus as well. 

For a fertilizer that will help your plants transition successfully to the flowering phase, check out Geoflora BLOOM. With a higher ratio of phosphorus, you will notice healthy flower and fruit sets and boosted blooms.

Potassium-Fueled Ingredients for All Growth Stages

Potassium is another crucial element for plant growth, aiding in the transport of water, carbs, and sugars throughout the plant body. Potassium improves drought tolerance, aids in food production for the plant, and is essential for the successful ripening of fruits and flowers. This nutrient is vital at all points of plant growth, but especially during the flowering stage.

While it’s hard to overfeed potassium to your plants, excessive levels of this nutrient can lead to stunted growth, nitrogen deficiency, yellowing leaves, and red veins. Geoflora keeps the ratio balanced with potassium-rich nutrient sources, including kelp meal, potassium sulfate, composted turkey litter, and neem seed meal.

Both Geoflora VEG and Geoflora BLOOM contain the right amount of potassium to ensure your plants get the nutrients they need to efficiently transport water, carbs, and sugars so they can thrive. 

Loaded with Micronutrients to Round Out Your Crop

While plants have a critical need for the big three nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), micronutrients are also essential for plant development. 

Micronutrients, including iron, calcium, boron, manganese, copper, nickel, and zinc, have a huge impact on plant growth, flower set, amino acid production, and overall crop quality. Geoflora Nutrients ensures your plants have access to all of the micronutrients they need with a robust profile of organic ingredients that include many beneficial trace elements and minerals. Some of the great additives in Geoflora that bring valuable carbs, minerals, and nutrients to your grow include molasses, yucca, humic acid, composted turkey litter, fossilized seabird guano, neem seed meal, and volcanic ash

Both Geoflora VEG and Geoflora BLOOM feature these incredible ingredients and micronutrient profiles to ensure your plant gets what it needs to grow to its fullest potential.

Beneficial Bacteria to Boost Nutrient Uptake

The final ingredient for healthy plants is a healthy rhizosphere, and that can’t happen without beneficial microbes! Bacteria, mycorrhizae, and other microbes are known to aid in the transport and breakdown of nutrients in the root zone, even setting up symbiotic relationships with the plants they colonize.

Geoflora includes a charge of beneficial bacteria to colonize the root zones of your crops and ensure the availability of all of the wonderful organic ingredients in the formula. The strains of beneficial bacteria that are included are Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus pumilus, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, Bacillus licheniformis, and Bacillus megaterium.

The beneficial bacteria contained in Geoflora Nutrients will ensure your plants will efficiently and successfully uptake the nutrients in the formula to the best of their ability and provide a natural boost to growth and vigor in your crop!

Quality Ingredients are the Key to Success

When it comes to a fertilizer with a diverse range of high-quality organic ingredients, Geoflora Nutrients can’t be beat. With 19 different inputs and a boost of beneficial bacteria to aid in nutrient breakdown, Geoflora has everything your plants need to thrive in every stage of life. Take an even closer look at the science behind our ingredients here.