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Why BLOOM? The Importance of the Flowering Stage

The flowering phase can be the most exciting stage of the growing process. After weeks of tending to the green vegetative growth of your young plants, it’s finally time to see the results of your efforts.

However, this is also a time of transition in the plant’s life cycle that will benefit from a little extra help from fertilizer and supplements specifically formulated for the blooming phase. Supporting your plants with the right nutrients as they move from veg to bloom will allow you to ease your plants towards the home stretch and, most importantly, maximize your harvest.

Let’s take a look at when, why, and how you should switch your plants from veg to bloom.

Ready, Set, Bloom

Once plants transition out of the vegetative stage with robust stalks, stems, and canopies, they begin putting their energy towards producing fruits and flowers. Whether you’re growing tomatoes or cannabis, this stage is vital to your plant’s development because flowers and fruits become your harvest later on.

It’s important to keep a close eye on your plants for the first signs of bud development, usually around six weeks into the life of the plant, though this can vary depending on what you’re growing. When this occurs, it’s time to switch to a flowering fertilizer. As the bloom stage begins, the nutrient needs of a plant shift away from the nitrogen that was so essential to green leaf and stem growth towards an emphasis on phosphorus and potassium, which play a major role in plant metabolism and bud development.

Plants that stay on a vegetative phase fertilizer can become too stalky and produce fewer flowers, resulting in a disappointing harvest. You can support your plants in flower with a fertilizer like Geoflora BLOOM. This top-dress fertilizer is formulated to bolster flower and fruit development in cannabis and will even work for your vegetables, too! 

Geoflora BLOOM Makes Flowering Simple

Geoflora BLOOM has the perfect balance of NPK for the flowering phase at a ratio of 3-5-5, ensuring that your plants have enough of each macronutrient in the form of a balanced array of organic ingredients, featuring sources of both slow- and fast-release phosphorus. You can be confident that your plant will have a steady source of nutrients available over time without the risk of burning that comes with traditional liquid fertilizers.

Geoflora’s 19 organic ingredients not only ensure that your plants have access to enough macronutrients, but they also provide a robust profile of secondary and micro-nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, copper, and iron. With a charge of beneficial bacteria to support the breakdown of these vital nutrients, you can be sure that your plants will have every opportunity to bloom to the best of their ability. 

These nutrients are critical for successful flowering and harvest, so we recommend reapplying fertilizer to your grow frequently. Geoflora BLOOM has a simple feeding schedule and a granular formula that makes application a breeze. Just top dress every two weeks, water normally, and your plants have everything they need to thrive in these crucial weeks of growth. Make sure to stop fertilizing two weeks before harvest, and you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your crop in no time!

Get BLOOMing

The flowering stage is essential to get right when it comes to a successful harvest. With Geoflora BLOOM, you can be sure your plants have a balanced distribution of phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients to boost flower and fruit development and bolster plant health so that your harvest is a success. Get Geoflora BLOOM for your grow today!