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How to Start Cannabis from Seeds

When deciding how to start cannabis plants, growing from seed is a popular option for cultivators who want a clean slate.

Starting from seed boasts many benefits, including preventing pests from hitchhiking over from the mother plant, establishing stronger root systems, and setting yourself up for easier and cheaper storage and transport. 

So how do you start from seed? Check out this how-to guide and our tips for successful starts!

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How to Start from Seed

Pick the right seed for you!

  1. Choose between auto-flowering or photoperiod seeds. Autoflowering seeds make the switch to the flowering phase automatically, while photoperiod seeds need their light cycle changed to shift to flowering.

  2. Choose between feminized or regular seeds. 9 times out of 10, feminized seeds produce female plants, but for this reason they can be much more expensive. 

3. Choose your strain. There are many out there with different terpene profiles, grow times, and THC/CBD concentrations. 

4. Choose healthy seeds. Seeds that are hard, dark, and have some light striping are a perfect choice! If the seed is soft or green, it is likely underdeveloped and may not produce a plant at all.

5.Place your seed in a paper towel-lined container and mist with room temperature water. Keep the paper towel damp but not soaked by misting every few hours. Store in a warm place until the seed germinates!

6. When the seed breaks and the root starts to show, transfer it to a small starter pot or propagation tray with your desired growing medium. You’ll have little sprouts in no time!

Tips for Successful Seedlings

  • Store seeds in a plastic bag in the fridge before starting them. This mimics the winter dormancy period!

  • Consider soaking your seeds in a glass of water for up to 12 hours before moving them to the container for germination. 

    • Seeds that sink are more likely to sprout than seeds that float.

    • Add some rooting solution or hydrogen peroxide to your soak to encourage root growth.

  • A room temperature of about 72 degrees F is best for germination.

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Plant a Seed and Watch it Grow

When starting cannabis, choosing how to do it comes down to many factors, including personal preference, grow space, and time between harvests. We hope this guide to starting from seed comes in handy when you’re deciding how to grow!

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