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Master the Vegetative Stage with Geoflora VEG

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Perhaps the most important time for plant growth is the vegetative stage, a time when plants focus on growing roots, stems, and leaves. This phase is critical for establishing healthy plants and ensuring a successful harvest later on. Making the most of this time can be tricky for cultivators due to rapid growth and changing plant needs, but it’s vital to start off on the right foot so that your grow can be a success. 

What is the Vegetative Stage?

Once plants grow beyond the seedling stage, they enter the vegetative stage. This phase is pivotal for a plant’s growth into maturity. In this phase of growth, the plant hits its peak of photosynthesis, converting light and nutrients into robust roots, strong stalks, and dense canopy leaves. This period lasts from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the plant.

During this time, there are a few things that are incredibly important to practice to ensure your plants thrive. For example, the vegetative state is the best time to start training your plants for trellising or topping--cannabis especially will need to be topped to a manageable height. It’s also vital to keep your plants on a regular watering schedule and increase the amount of water you provide as they grow. Finally, it’s essential to keep your plants well-fed with a fertilizer like Geoflora VEG that is high in nitrogen to support vigorous growth.

Geoflora VEG Makes the Vegetative Stage Simple

Nitrogen is the most important nutrient to have abundantly available to your plants during the vegetative stage, as this nutrient is the staple component for vigorous root, stalk, stem, and leaf growth. Geoflora VEG has the perfect balance of NPK for this phase at a ratio of 5-3-4, ensuring that your plants have enough of each macronutrient available to thrive and promoting dense, even canopy growth and strong stems and stalks. 

Additionally, Geoflora curates a balanced array of organic ingredients, featuring sources of both slow- and fast-release nitrogen. You can rest assured knowing your plant will have a steady source of nutrients available over time without the risk of burning that comes with traditional liquid fertilizers. 

Geoflora’s 19 organic ingredients not only ensure that your plants have access to enough macronutrients but also the diverse ingredients provide a robust profile of secondary and micro-nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, copper, and iron. With a charge of beneficial bacteria to support the breakdown of these vital nutrients, you can be sure that your plants will have every opportunity to grow to the best of their ability. 

Because Nitrogen is so vital for successful vegetative growth, we recommend reapplying fertilizer to your grow frequently. Geoflora VEG makes this easy with a simple feeding schedule and a granular formula that makes application a breeze. Just top dress every two weeks, water normally, and your plants have everything they need to thrive in these crucial weeks of growth. 

Get VEG for your Grow

In the end, it’s clear the vegetative stage is a critical time to set your plants up for success. With Geoflora VEG, you will be able to ensure your plants have a balanced array of nitrogen and other nutrients to boost growth and bolster plant health so that your harvest is a success later on. Get Geoflora VEG for your grow today!