Bag of Geoflora

A Closer Look at Geoflora’s Granular Form

Growing organically can be a challenge because it often involves measuring and mixing dusty ingredients with a lot of guesswork and uncertainty. This can lead to breathing in harmful airborne dust particles, wasting money on over-fertilizing, or creating nutrient hot spots that can burn your plants. 

Geoflora Nutrients are delivered in a granular structure that addresses many of the challenges of organic gardening, allowing hobby gardeners and commercial cultivators alike to enjoy a high-quality, easy-to-use fertilizer at a reduced cost. No ingredient sourcing, component mixing, or dusty application required--just clean, simple granules for your organic grow.

Here are some of the benefits of Geoflora’s granular form:

No Mixing

For those familiar with traditional organic gardening, the hassle of sourcing and mixing ingredients may be the first thing that comes to mind. There aren’t many nutrient lines out there that incorporate all of the organic ingredients needed to keep a garden thriving, so many organic growers fall back on purchasing components individually and mixing their fertilizer themselves. 

Geoflora Nutrients does the mixing for you. With 19 high-quality ingredients chosen for their effectiveness in the garden, you can be sure your plants are getting all of the nutrients they need to flourish. Geoflora focuses on sourcing organic and sustainable ingredients wherever possible to ensure that you don’t have to worry about what’s going into your grow. 

No Hot Spots

With so many ingredients, many organic fertilizers allow components to settle out of the mixture and end up at the bottom of the bag. This can create “hot spots,” parts of the fertilizer that contain too much of one ingredient, which can result in an uneven application of nutrients and even burn your plants. 

Geoflora doesn’t have this issue because of its unique form factor. All of the components are evenly distributed in homogenous granules that resist separation, keeping your fertilizer from producing hot spots that can damage your grow. With multiple sources of key ingredients that offer a variety of release times, Geoflora’s granular form ensures that your plants get a balanced release of vital nutrients over time, packing everything you need into each granule. 

No Dust

One of the most common complaints of organic farming is the use of components that create harmful and irritating airborne dust. Because many of the ingredients used in organic farming are made up of animal waste, breathing in these particles can be a safety issue.

Geoflora’s granular form factor is dust-free, eliminating the risk of breathing in these harmful ingredients. The specially formulated granules contain all of the ingredients you need without the dusty application, so you can breathe easy knowing that your fertilizer is safe to use.   

No Hassle

Organic fertilizer ingredients can be difficult and confusing to apply. It’s often hard to know if you’re applying enough of the ingredients you want, while still ensuring that you’re not over-applying and burning your plants.

Geoflora takes the guesswork out of organic gardening. An easy-to-understand feeding schedule of two weeks between applications will leave you with greater peace of mind. Additionally, Geoflora is formulated to be applied as a top-dress and watered into your growing media over time, which makes application a simple and straightforward process. 

Forget about formulas that involve too many parts and too much water--Geoflora’s one-part formula, separated into VEG to boost your vegetative state and BLOOM to transition to flower, makes setting up your feeding system easy. There’s no need to worry when adding other nutrient lines to your grow--Geoflora’s natural ingredients don’t interact with other nutrient lines. We’ve formulated simple granules for simple application and the results speak for themselves.

Granules Designed with You In Mind

The dustless, granular form factor of Geoflora Nutrients ensures all 19 of the high-quality ingredients are delivered evenly and effectively without creating harmful, irritating airborne dust during the amendment process. You can breathe easy knowing that your fertilizer is safe to use and effectively formulated to avoid dust, nutrient hot spots, and uneven application.

Geoflora takes the uncertainty out of organic gardening and makes it accessible for all, from the commercial grower to the backyard hobbyist. Want to try some for yourself? Check it out at one of our preferred retailers.