Geoflora for cannabis

Grow Organic Cannabis with Geoflora

Organic cultivation is a rising trend in the growing industry. With numerous benefits, including impacts on human health, the environment, and plant potency, it’s only natural that cannabis cultivators are moving to this method. Geoflora Nutrients is an established fertilizer in the organic market, though many growers don’t realize that it’s not just for vegetables. In this article, you’ll learn why Geoflora is the best choice for cannabis too!

Benefits of Growing Organic Cannabis

Many cannabis cultivators are making the switch to organic growing for various reasons, including health and safety, ecological impact, and improved yields and potency. 


A huge draw of organic cultivation is health and safety. Cannabis consumers, in particular, are shifting towards organic products because of stringent certification requirements aimed at making sure plants are clear of heavy metals, harmful chemicals, and salts. This is vital for cannabis consumers because inhaled chemicals enter the bloodstream at much higher levels than digested chemicals and result in negative health effects. Organic cannabis cultivation avoids the salt fertilizers and toxic pesticides that put the health of consumers at risk.


In addition to health concerns, organic cultivation addresses worries about environmental impact. With traditional methods of growing high-value cash crops, the soil is treated as a sterile medium for growth and discarded at the end of the season because fertilizers and pesticides render the soil unsuitable for continued cultivation. 

With organic growing, the soil is cultivated and cared for as much as the plants, resulting in a growing media teeming with microbes such as beneficial bacteria and mycorrhizae. This living web of soil biology supports the plants’ growth and ensures that growers can use the soil repeatedly in future cycles. Organic cultivation also helps prevent soil erosion in outdoor grows and preserves water quality by eliminating the use of chemicals and salt fertilizers, leading to a substantial beneficial impact on local ecology. 

Improved Yields

Many cannabis growers assume that they need a multitude of bud boosters and chemicals to get the results they desire, but that’s not always the case. Organic grows often produce higher yields than traditional cultivation techniques, and much of this has to do with soil biology. When conditions are optimized, the healthy rhizosphere will enable the bacteria, mycorrhizae, and other microbes to break down organic matter and make nutrients more readily available to your plants. This boost in nutrient availability leads to boosted yields!

Higher Potency and Better Flavor

Some consumers swear they can tell the difference between organic and conventionally grown cannabis. This is because organic nutrients provide more robust profiles of micro- and secondary-nutrients than traditional fertilizers. Because organic nutrients offer everything the plant needs, rather than just an assortment of basic nutrients, the plant can reach its full potential to produce flavonoids, terpenoids, and cannabinoids, which contribute to flavor, aroma, and potency. 

Benefits of Growing Cannabis with Geoflora Nutrients

Geoflora Nutrients have all you need to cultivate your best crop, including organic nutrients and beneficial bacteria that combine to create a simple, cost-effective granular formula for your grow. Read on to learn more about the benefits of Geoflora Nutrients in your cultivation.

Organic Nutrients

Geoflora Nutrients has a robust profile of ingredients to meet all the needs of cannabis plants. Compared to competitors that include up to 5 components, Geoflora utilizes 19 high-quality organic ingredients to ensure a sophisticated and balanced array of nutrients for your grow. This diversity gives your plants access to sources of fast- and slow-release nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus, as well as an extensive list of micronutrients and secondary metabolites. Because the ingredients are organic, they break down over time, ensuring your plants have access to the nutrients they need when they need them and reducing the risk of burning. 

Geoflora Nutrients are one of the only organic nutrient systems on the market that are OMRI and CDFA OIM certified. This certification ensures your nutrient program is in line with organic growing standards and contributes to successful testing. When organic certification is available for your cannabis crop, you can rest easy knowing that your fertilizer complies with organic standards! 

Beneficial Bacteria

Because beneficial bacteria are critical to a healthy rhizosphere and efficient nutrient uptake in your grow, Geoflora Nutrients includes a boost of bacteria directly in the formula. In this way, the fertilizer establishes colonies of these beneficial microbes in your grow to ensure that your plants reach their full potential. An additional benefit of these microbes is that they encourage soil health and allow you to reuse your growing media in future cycles. 

Granular Form

Whether you’re a commercial cultivator or backyard grower, fertilizer application is always a concern. Geoflora Nutrients makes use of a granular form factor that allows you to add nutrients to your grow safely and simply with a top-dress application. Typically, organic fertilizers are made up of separate components that are dusty and poorly mixed, resulting in nutrient hotspots and harmful airborne particles. The granular formula of Geoflora ensures a balanced distribution of ingredients and is dust-free, so you don’t have to breathe in your fertilizer as you apply. 


At Geoflora, we believe in making organic cultivation accessible, and that means making it simple. Geoflora Nutrients is formulated for a wide range of plants: from cannabis to tomatoes, you can be sure that Geoflora will meet your crops’ needs. Geoflora is compatible with soil, soilless, and coco growing media, enabling growers of all types to take advantage of this product. Our granular formula breaks down over time and doesn’t react with other nutrient systems, enabling you to add additional organic additives without worry. However, Geoflora is a complete nutrient system, so your grow will thrive even if you use nothing else. With two simple steps, Geoflora VEG for the vegetative state, and Geoflora BLOOM for the flowering phase, you can adjust your nutrients to your plants’ needs without stress or complex calculations. Just apply our easy top-dress formula every two weeks as advised by our feed chart, and you’re good to grow.


Whether you run a commercial cultivation or a small backyard grow, Geoflora is cost-effective and scalable to your individual needs. On average, Geoflora Nutrients is up to 20% cheaper than other organic fertilizer systems. The concentrated granular formula that doesn’t ask you to pay for water, beneficial bacteria that enable your plants to fully utilize the available nutrients, lower frequency of application, and the ability to reuse your growing media allow for cost-savings on every front. We know you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for organic fertilizer. With Geoflora Nutrients, you can save money without compromising quality and ensure your grow has all it needs to yield great results. 

Geoflora Nutrients: The Best Choice for Cannabis

It’s clear to see that organic cannabis cultivation is the way to go for incredible benefits to human health, ecological impact, and plant potency and yields. Geoflora’s expansive list of 19 organic ingredients and beneficial bacteria delivers the nutrients your crop needs to flourish in a simple granular formula. While Geoflora is a cost-effective option for both backyard growers and commercial farms alike, we don’t skimp on quality and the results speak for themselves. Get Geoflora for your plants today!