Geoflora bag

Season of Soil: Amend with Geoflora

With the growing season winding down, many gardeners are looking at winter with an eye on rest and recuperation, but did you know that your soil needs some care too? After a long growing season, your soil may be drained of vital nutrients. With winter drawing near and plant growth slowing down, now is the best time to replenish your soil in preparation for the following year, and Geoflora Nutrients can help. 

Soil Made Simple 

Whether you’re amending your soil with traditional tilling methods or top-dressing with nutrients and mulch, Geoflora is the solution to your soil needs.


Geoflora’s granular, dustless formula makes adding fertilizer to your soil safe and straightforward. It can easily be added to all types of growing media and can be used as a simple top-dress fertilizer or worked into the soil with traditional tilling, core aeration, deep soil integration, and even dig and drop composting. 


Geoflora Nutrients are comprised of 19 organic ingredients for a complete fertilizer that covers all of the macronutrients that plants need. With highly sought top-quality ingredients such as bat guano and volcanic ash, you can have confidence that your plants are getting the very best nutrients from natural sources. Geoflora is OMRI Listed and made from registered CDFA OIM inputs, ensuring that our products abide by the highest organic growing standards.

No-Till Friendly

A rising trend in the growing world is no-till gardening. This means that the soil is left mostly undisturbed save for planting and pulling up old vegetation, which preserves the microbes in the soil, such as bacteria and mycorrhizae, that help plants grow. Geoflora is no-till friendly and works well as a top-dress fertilizer, allowing the soil to integrate the nutrients in the fertilizer over time without disturbing the delicate microbiology already present. Geoflora even has its own boost of beneficial bacteria to help make your soil more robust and well-rounded.

How to Amend with VEG and BLOOM

In addition to the versatility of application, Geoflora Nutrients has two lines of fertilizer to make choosing the right nutrients for your plants simple.

Geoflora VEG is ideal for plants in the vegetative state, with a higher level of nitrogen to support robust stalk and stem growth. Amend your empty beds with Geoflora VEG over the winter months to ensure plants like annuals and vegetables get a good start on growing their greenery in the season to come. 

Geoflora BLOOM has a lower nitrogen content and is known for its use on plants that are ready for their flowering phase, but fertilizers like this are also great for shoring up root growth. Because of this, Geoflora BLOOM is a useful amendment for perennials that require more root support over the winter months or beds intended for use with annual flowers. 

Both Geoflora VEG and Geoflora BLOOM derive their macronutrients from a range of sources to prevent burning and ensure a balanced release of nutrients over time, and they work well alone or together as a nutrient system. 

Winter is the season to take care of your soil, and what better way to refresh your growing media than with Geoflora Nutrients? Now is the perfect time to pack your soil with nutrients and beneficial microbes for the year to come so that next year’s plants have all they need to start the season strong.