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Balancing Act: The Importance of Slow and Fast Release Nutrients

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Organic nutrients come in many forms. Each one provides unique benefits to your plants and breaks down at a different rate. If you grow organic, you’ll be happy to know that Geoflora is made up of a combination of fast- and slow-release nutrients, so your plants will have access to essential food over an optimal span of time, rather than using it all at once and risking nutrient burn.

So what’s the difference between fast-release and slow-release nutrients, and how do they affect your plants? Let’s take a look!

Fast-Release Nutrients

Fast-release nutrients are available immediately to the plant and are incredibly vital for early growth.

Quick-release nitrogen and phosphorus encourage rapid green growth and root development. Blood meal, feather meal, bat guano, fish protein hydrolysate, and alfalfa meal are Geoflora’s primary sources of fast-release nitrogen, allowing your plants to uptake vital nutrients for stem, stalk, and canopy growth almost immediately after top-dressing and watering in. Bat guano also features quick-release phosphorus to aid in photosynthesis and root development. 

Slow-Release Nutrients

Slow-release fertilizers allow plants to use nutrients when they need them, breaking down ingredients over time.

Geoflora’s slow-release nutrients include feather meal and crustacean meal for nitrogen, and bone meal, crustacean meal, and bat guano for phosphorus, allowing your crop to have access to multiple sources of each nutrient at all stages of the growth cycle. 

Geoflora Gives You Both

For organic gardens, both slow and quick-release ingredients are vital to ensure a healthy crop. Geoflora uses organic ingredients and a granular form factor to facilitate the availability of quick-release nutrients in a gentle way that avoids burning, as well as the slow breakdown of ingredients necessary to provide plants with the nutrients they need in the long term. If you’re looking for diverse key ingredients and a balanced distribution of nutrients over time, no one does it better than Geoflora!