Why bat poop is incredibly good for your garden


Guano has a long and storied history, starting as far back as the 1600’s with the use of seabird excrement to fertilize crops.  In the beginning of the 20th century, bat poop came to be recognized as an organic and easily obtained fertilizer as well, and bat guano became a recognized term. Bat guano is generally harvested in a powdered form (yes, it dries and gets crumbly, half-eaten insects and all!) and from there it can be put directly into the soil, added to liquid and used in an irrigation system, or rubbed directly on leaves to fight fungal diseases. This just explains how it’s used, but a better question is why is it used?! Let’s get the poop on why bat guano is so good for your garden;


It’s filled with nutrients plants love: It’s been noted that bat guano has an organic matter content higher than 40%, contains 10% nitrogen, 3% phosphorus and 1% potassium, the three things always seen on fertilizer bags at the nursery. Different types of bat guano contain different macro and micros based on their diets (insects or fruits, differing concentrations of each.) All nitrogen is important for plant growth and development, phosphorus is vital for root growth, blooming, and the ability of a plant to handle stress (think transplanting), and potassium is essential to growth and the process of photosynthesis. that from bat dung!


Guano has the microbes the plants love: The microbes in bat guano have been reported to have bioremediation capabilities - this means bat guano can aid in cleansing toxic soils. Good soil is the basis for strong plants. Besides cleansing the soil, bat guano can improve the texture of the soil allowing for more air space and along with water-holding capabilities.

Guano can help reduce soil disease: The microbes found in bat guano aren’t just good at cleaning the soil, they can help control soil diseases and dangerous nematodes, and it can be added to compost to help speed up decomposition.


It’s clear that bat guano is more than just poop; it’s good for the soil and great for your plants. Bat guano has been used successfully on fruit trees, herbs, vegetables and ornamentals. It’s easy to use – either incorporated into the soil directly, turned into a liquid fertilizer, or even mixed with water and used in an irrigation system.

Geoflora VEG and BLOOM

Geoflora VEG and BLOOM

As wonderful as bat guano is, it’s better when used with other inputs to make sure there’s a more balance NPK ratio for your garden, otherwise your plants can be lacking. Geoflora VEG and BLOOM both feature bat guano as part of their 19 organic input mix, all of which work together to deliver a beneficial charge of bacteria and nutrients in a dustless, granular form factor. The granular form of Geoflora VEG and BLOOM ensures that all 19 of the high-quality inputs (which include bat guano!) are delivered evenly and effectively without creating harmful, irritating airborne dust during the amendment process. 


Bat guano can be found in many fertilizers on the market, but what makes Geoflora VEG and BLOOM a great choice for your grow is the biological charge it provides, which aids in taking each input to its full potential, creating a web of living soil biology designed to aid in the transport and availability of key macro and secondary nutrients, as well as a comprehensive profile of amino acids and vitamins necessary for healthy plants and heavy yields. Add more than the guano to your garden with Geoflora VEG and BLOOM.

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