Geoflora Nutrients available on!


Geoflora Nutrients is excited to announce that our products will be available online through starting 1/10/2019.  

You can use code GEOLAUNCH to get 5% off your first order today through January 31st, 2019 on

What is GeoPot?

GeoPot started in 2009 in Petaluma, California as a local company with a goal to deliver the highest quality innovative garden products available to consumers. Their flagship GeoPot fabric pot is our staff pick here at Geoflora Nutrients, as it represents the highest quality and epitome of function for a fabric container.

Paired with Geoflora Nutrients, GeoPots provide excellent aeration to support microbial populations such as those found in Geoflora. Aeration also helps prevent and discourage harmful pathogens from establishing. The superior drainage of fabric pots helps prevent overwatering which allows for more frequent feeding and higher yields without the risk of root-rot.


In addition to their excellent product offerings, local heritage here in the Emerald Triangle, and excellent customer service, offers customer loyalty points, fast shipping, and even free shipping on orders over 50$, making them the perfect partner to get Geoflora Nutrients to you at the right price, fast.

You can use code GEOLAUNCH to get 5% off your first order today on

Just click the link and the code will be automatically applied at checkout! This offer expires January 31st, so act now and be the first to get Geoflora Nutrients in your garden!

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