5 ways to get the best from your harvest this season


There are ways to make certain that your harvest will be bountiful, and most of it starts early in the season in the planning stages. Let’s take a look at 5 ways planning ahead will benefit your harvest:

1.       Grow what’s been successful before. There are always going to be things you’d love to grow, but because of the climate or soil may not be the most successful. If the carrots are growing strong, but the strawberries are struggling, it may be best to plan on another root vegetable in the space you’d normally have strawberries. Turnips, beets, garlic, onions, and parsnips are all possibilities that may do well in that space – and on your plate!


2.       Choose a perennial. Edible plants like asparagus, rhubarb and artichokes are hardy, don’t need a whole lot of maintenance, and will return year after year. Edible perennials tend to be nutritious, easy to grow, and require the least amount of work in the garden so you can enjoy the bounty while focusing on the newer plants in the garden.

3.       Grow some herbs. Buying kitchen herbs can get a bit pricey in the store, but they are generally easy to grow. Choose a couple of your favorites and add them to your garden this season, and you won’t have to pay the price for commonly used herbs like parsley, dill, or mint. These plants will help enhance your harvest and add flavor to your dishes.



Harvest plants at their peak. The morning time is when plants are plumped up with the most in nutrients and water content. This will be the best time to pick for crispy greens and juicy fruits.

5.       Pick often and early. Harvest when the plants are just a bit immature, and it will keep the plant in reproduction mode which increases yields. Try to pick from young vegetable like baby snap peas or summer squash every day to two days and the yield will be far greater.


These are just a few of the steps that can be taken to improve your harvest over previous seasons by tweaking a few things in the garden, but if you want to see greater results, or you grow on a larger scale, Geoflora VEG and BLOOM are a great choice to start – and end – with. The added biological charge in this dry fertilizer aids in taking each input to its full potential, creating a web of living soil biology designed to aid in the transport and availability of key macro and secondary nutrients, as well as a comprehensive profile of amino acids and vitamins necessary for healthy plants and heavy yields.

It sounds complicated, but the Geoflora VEG and BLOOM dry granular system is created for ease of use, no matter the size of your grow.  You work hard for your grow, let Geoflora VEG and BLOOM help you get results!

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